ISNHighground Services, Inc. has demonstrated their strong commitment to safety and health by having a Safety Professional on staff who has met educational and professional experience standards.  Our Safety Professional has demonstrated knowledge through examination and continuing education requirements necessary to maintain certification.  Certification ensures credibility for employees, employers, government agencies, businesses, and the public.

The Safety Officer performs routine safety training sessions and regular jobsite inspections of all crews in order to identify any unsafe work practices and unsafe conditions.  The observation forms are completed and forwarded to the appropriate administrative and management personnel.  The Safety Officer is responsible for the coordination of supplemental inspections when new equipment, substances, or processes are introduced as well as when new or formerly undistinguishable hazards are discovered.  The Safety Officer helps with the completion of project safety planning and hazard investigation with supervisors, foremen, and managers on new jobs.  It is the responsibility of the Safety Officer to verify that all corrective actions are completed for identified hazards.  In addition, it is also the Safety Officer’s responsibility to verify the completion of safety recommendations made by the insurance carrier, safety committee or any other safety consultants.

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Highground Services, Inc. does not provide engineering services in North Carolina. Services are restricted to construction and installation.  Highground Services, Inc. provides construction and installation services on a projects in North Carolina.  All engineering services can be provided by our associated entity, Highground Engineering, PLLC.

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