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Lisa Strozier

Lisa Strozier


Lisa Strozier received her B.S. Degree in education from Central Michigan in 1982.  She has worked as a school teacher in a variety of positions, including pre-school handicapped, 5th grade, and pre-kindergarten.  In 2005, she formed Poplar Crest Stables, and has managed this business since its inception.

Jimmy Strozier

James Strozier

C. E. O.

James Strozier received his B.S. Degree in Chemical Engineering from Louisiana Tech University in 1982.  In 1985, he went to work for Union Camp Corporation in Franklin, Va. where he worked as a Process Control Engineer, Instrument Technician Assistant, Chemical Additives Manager, and Senior Engineer.  In 2000, he left to accept a position as Senior Sales Engineer for Measurement and Control Products, Inc. In 2003, he left to form Industrial Systems Engineering, LLC.


Highground Services, Inc. does not provide engineering services in North Carolina. Services are restricted to construction and installation.  Highground Services, Inc. provides construction and installation services on a projects in North Carolina.  All engineering services can be provided by our associated entity, Highground Engineering, PLLC.

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