Policy of Quality Assurance

To ensure client satisfaction, Highground Services, Inc. has developed a policy of quality assurance for our clients. This policy includes: 


  • Highground Services, Inc. is accountable to our clients for our commitment to excellence, service, knowledge, while understanding our client’s needs.


  • To add value to our client's goals by providing developmental and corrective solutions.Hard Hat on Desk
  • To support and adapt to ongoing changes in technology and our clients' organization.
  • To encourage innovation and continuous process improvement.

Corporate Responsiveness

  • To respond to and support our clients' business objectives.
  • To use customer-service feedback and suggestions for improving the level of service we provide to our customers.

Corporate Effectiveness

  • To ensure that Highground Services, Inc. continues to operate efficiently and effectively, meet our goals, and to produce the highest quality of products and services in the application of our disciplines.
  • To champion continuous development and meet the high performance goals of our business practices and personnel.
  • To deliver services on time and on budget according to contracted requirements.


  • Highground Services, Inc. maintains a safe and accident-free work environment for our clients and our employees.  


  • Highground Services, Inc. observes the highest code of confidentiality.  All information is considered proprietary to the customer.  Confidential information includes all data, products, technology, programming, specifications, drawings, manuals, software, business plans, financial reports, and all other data disclosed or submitted, orally, in writing, or by any other media, to Highground Services, Inc. by our customers.

Highground Services, Inc. does not provide engineering services in North Carolina. Services are restricted to construction and installation.  Highground Services, Inc. provides construction and installation services on a projects in North Carolina.  All engineering services can be provided by our associated entity, Highground Engineering, PLLC.

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